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Free sexy personal chatlines

Often married and with children themselves, they can be well-educated and highly successful in their field.

Passing them in the street - and it could easily be street - you wouldn't give them a second glance.

'In the past couple of years we've arrested magistrates, lawyers, company directors, police officers, people in the media,' DCI Stevens tells me.

Having worked alongside them for so many months, I am hugely impressed with their professional commitment and their determination to secure a conviction on the most serious charge they can.

After the excitement of a successful arrest, this, they say, is where the real work begins.

What you have to remember is that for each and every one of those images, a child has been coerced, assaulted and badly hurt.

Many will have been raped and, in a few tragic cases, the victim may even have been killed. Despite the horrific nature of these crimes, the problem seems to get worse every year.

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It's very real, it's very nasty indeed and the connection between those internet chats and images of paedophilia are all too common.