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Dating extreme upn

Under the new rule, all full-service stations that operate digital signals must carry the minimum weekly three hours of E/I programming on all of their digital channels, regardless of the type of content they carry (such as news, weather or niche entertainment programming).

In 2007, the digital subchannels' involvement in the E/I rule was changed again, depending on the number of free services offered by the station – the station now must carry more than three hours of E/I programming, but how much more is determined by how many hours of "free programming" the station offers on their digital signal.

Programming targeted at persons 13 to 16 years of age is not subject to advertising restrictions and can still be counted as E/I.

In 2005, the E/I rule was altered again to expand the guidelines to digital broadcast television services.

As with PBS' PBS Kids block, Ion Television's Qubo (both the standalone digital multicast channel and program block), and the Trinity Broadcasting Network's digital multicast network Smile likewise feature educational programming throughout their schedules; the latter two networks as well as the PBS children's block display E/I bugs across most of their programming, including program promotions and (in the case of PBS) pledge appeals.

Because of the large amount of E/I programming seen on PBS stations, which well exceeds the guidelines in most cases, public television subchannel networks such as Create and World do not carry their own blocks of E/I programming within their main network feeds (this is a similar case with Qubo and parent network Ion Television's other subchannel services, Ion Life and Ion Shop, as well as QVC and the Home Shopping Network, which both lease subchannel space on Ion's stations and are not beholden to the E/I guidelines to begin with as those two networks are cable-originated channels).

The FCC has fined individual affiliates of The WB for the violation of the guidelines and upheld the fines on appeal, even though it was the network which transmitted the content.

Pax TV's talent showcases (America's Most Talented Kids) and animal rescue documentaries (Miracle Pets) were also counted toward the "E/I" requirement, with the network giving them an unofficial and non-binding "rating" of "TV E/I".

Shredder / Bank Robber #1 / Butcher's Goon / Construction Workers / Dock Worker #1 / Empire State Building Security Guard / Pietro Calzone / Second Gunman / Speedy Cafe Turtle Vendor / Splinter as Shredder / Thug #2 : Plays Howard Benedict in "Applause" musical by Charles Strouse, Lee Adams, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, based on the film "All About Eve" and the original story by Mary Orr (Reprise!

at UCLA's Freud Playhouse, Westwood, California, USA).

The agency took a more hands-on role in enforcing the rules in 1996, after its earlier approach proved ineffective, At regular intervals, each full-service station submits a list of programs that it either currently airs or plans to air in the near-term which it feels will inform, as well as entertain, viewers below age 18, and must occasionally announce on-air that this public file is available to the public at the station's studio facility or on the station's website.

All children's programming on television is subject to limits on the amount of advertising that can be aired during the telecast.

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Many PBS member stations also carry independently programmed digital multicast services that feature children's programs broadcast by the service or syndicated to individual public television stations.

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